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My Tech Squad Welcomes You

MyTechSquad is an independent technical support provider, offers remote technical support to resolve all sorts of computer-related problems. We provide routine computer maintenance services through several structured computer support plans Get instant access to our technical experts for multiple brands of PCs, software and connected devices, all in one place with Guaranteed Resolution

Just  call us at (02) 8005 6579 or (03) 9010 5653 for Immediate assistance

Our Guarantee To You

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the work we perform also we guarantee that you will get the results we promised you.

Our Online Technical Support Services Includes

  • 24x7 Live Technical support.
  • PC repairs and upgrades.
  • Provide Anytime and Anywhere Support.
  • Unlimited Access to our certified technicians and engineers.
  • Providing IT Support & Help for all your home computer and small business computer.

Just a Phone call away  (02) 8005 6579 or (03) 9010 5653 and get 24x7 Unlimited Yearly Support from our ceritified techies.


24/7 Live Technical Support for WINDOWS & MAC through out
the year
For immediate assistance

1 888 344 6511

Thank you! You guys are really nice, I have gone through several tech supports over the years, but have never found anyone like you. You have sorted out my problem with the Outlook in a quick response. The best thing of all is that you give back my computer that I need to work. So far, you are the best I have found anywhere.
Mark Kuntz
An intelligent A class tech support Very responsive, fast turnaround and you guys resolved my issues with the computer that I had also you guys explained the cause of the problem and safeguarded my computer from serious damage.
Robert Kullman
High quality service, efficient way of addressing the customer problems and resolving the problems through Innovative methods. I am extremely grateful to work with Vicki and I plan to continue your services. Thanks a lot!!
Paul Martin
I just want to thank you for all your professional help and advice! You guys offer great support. Thanks again.
Thank you for the rapid answer and fast solution. I appreciate your professionalism.
Robert Campbell
You have helped in clean up my computer and the service is really great.
First thing,you guys found the problem right away and resolved the issue right then and there i absoluty appreciate the help and yes i would definally do it again!!!
I was very impressed by the determination with which you approached a big issue. I should have resolved all problems and should be up running with this pc.
Cynthia Goodson
At first, I was a little dubious about Tech Support Geeks. But I have become a believer! They are extremely knowledgeable, efficienct, fast, and courteous. They know things about my computer I never knew existed.